Section 3.1.  Categories of Membership.

There shall be four (4) categories of membership: Member Organizations, Non-Voting Associate Member Organizations, Public Members and Non-Voting Individual Members.  Application procedures, qualifications and acceptance for the appropriate category of membership shall be pursuant to procedures and standards established by the Board of Regents.

Section 3.2.   Member Organizations.

(A)    Member Organizations shall consist of Certification Organizations (as defined below) accredited by ICAB.  Each Member Organization shall be entitled to one vote on all matters on which members are entitled to vote.

(B)    On forms provided by ICAB, any certification organization which wishes to apply for membership as a Member Organization shall submit to ICAB its application to be accredited and to become such a member.  Such application shall be submitted to ICAB Executive Vice President and then reviewed by the Credentials Committee and then considered by the Board of Regents for accreditation and membership as a Member Organization.

(C)    Each Member Organization shall forward to the Executive Vice President written notice of any change in the Member Organization Articles of Incorporation, Constitution or Bylaws, no later than ninety (90) days after the change becomes effective.

(D)   ICAB Charter Member Organizations shall be:

International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium
College of Massage Therapists of Ontario
National Registry of Environmental Professionals
World Safety Organization
International Association of Emergency Managers

Section 3.3.   Associate Member Organizations.

(A)   Associate Member Organizations shall be limited to such interdisciplinary, profession-wide organizations as are concerned with the development of certification programs and/or are interested in scientific and technological educational standards of practice.  No Associate Member Organization shall be entitled to vote.

(B)   Charter Associate Member Organizations shall be:

Society of Texas Environmental Professionals
Florida Environmental Assessors Association
Association of Facility Engineers

Section 3.4.   Public Members.

There shall be two (2) Public Members, who shall be persons appointed by the Board of Regents to present to ICAB views of the public.  Public Members shall be appointed for an initial term of two years and may, but need not be reappointed for one additional two year term only.  Each Public Member shall be entitled to one vote. Public Members may serve on committees, but shall not hold office and are not required to pay dues.

Section 3.5.   Individual Members.

Individual membership shall be limited to individuals interested in scientific and technological education or their standards of practice.   Individual Members shall not be entitled to vote.

Section 3.6.  Certification Organization.

When the term "Certification Organization" is used in these Bylaws, it shall mean either a public or private organization responsible for issuing certifications to those individuals who have met the published standards of that organization for certification and who are deemed to be qualified in the field of knowledge and practice for which certification is offered.

Section 3.7.  Regents' Prerogative.

The Board of Regents shall have the power to create and/or grant any membership classification which the Board of Regents determines should be created and/or conferred.

Section 3.8.   Membership Roster.

A roster of the ICAB membership shall be maintained by the Secretary.

Section 3.9.   Discipline. By action of the Board of Regents, any member may have its or the individual privileges revoked or suspended, in accordance with procedures established from time to time by the Board of Regents, for any of the following reasons:

  •     conviction of a felony or other major crime by an officer of the organization or by the individual members where, even though not imposed, a possible penalty is imprisonment for one year or longer;
  •     revocation or suspension of a professional license of an officer of the organization or by the individual member to practice.