The goals and objectives of the ICAB shall be the recognition and improvement of specialized professional practice for the public benefit through:

(A) Establishment and monitoring of criteria and qualifications used to recognize special capabilities in fields of practice through specialty certification;

(B) Continuing professional development as a condition for continued specialty certification;

(C) Ethical practice as a condition for continued specialty certification;

In pursuit of these, ICAB shall, as the coordinating body:

1. Serve as a forum for specialty certification organizations, giving appropriate recognition to all specialties at all appropriate levels of qualifications

2. Receive and act upon applications of existing or proposed new specialty certification organizations for recognition and for membership.

3. Establish criteria to receive, and act upon applications for recognition of new types of certification, modification of existing types, and related matters.

4. Coordinate activities of Member Organizations with the aim of avoiding duplication of effort.

5. Attempt to resolve problems or conflicts encountered among ICAB recognized certification organizations.

6. Represent Member Organizations in communications and, when appropriate, in negotiations with other groups, organizations or agencies or individuals, public or private, with respect to matters of common interest to the members.

7. Maintain and advance high standards of certification practice by:

  • providing or making available superior continuing education that addresses the educational needs of practitioners;
  • promoting and supporting standards of excellence in the education of allied professions;
  • encouraging progress and excellence in research;
  • maintaining an international board of highly qualified specialists in certification practice and procedures and related disciplines.
  • Establishing and maintaining minimum criteria for organization and operation of specialty certification organizations and assisting the membership in meeting and maintaining these criteria.