In today's global climate, there are a wide variety of certification organizations and programs:  public vs. private, profit vs. nonprofit, technology vs. management, single vs. multiple certifications, computer-based examinations vs. paper-based exams, industrial vs. institutional, etc.  In recognition of the many operating structures and exam procedures, it is ICAB's position, that to be truly nondiscriminatory an evaluation, individual certification programs, not their organizations.  That accreditation should be based on a certification program's ability to meet specific published minimum psychometric examination development and operating criteria.  ICAB's criteria are developed and continuously reviewed, to provide the public with the greatest understanding and comparison of the certification development, examination procedures, and rectification requirements.

You are urged to contact ICAB to obtain our Accreditation Application and Certification Program Evaluation Form.  Join the worldwide effort to educate the public, bring uniformity and open consistent evaluation of certifications, and encourage constructive innovation of credentialing  programs.