• A. Are test sites selected that meet the following criteria?

    1. adequate lighting/heating/cooling

    2. adequate writing surfaces/seating

    3. adequate rest room facilities

    4. an area for candidate admission

    5. adequate parking for staff/candidates

    6. a quiet work environment

    7. a barrier free environment to accommodate candidates with disabilities

    8. a clock in the room which is visible to candidates

  • B. Are site locations convenient to most candidates?
  • C. Are candidates sent admission materials with directions to the test site, and description of the examination admission and administration procedures, well in advance of the exam date?
  • D. Has a manual outlining examination procedures and candidate instructions been developed and is it used for each administration?
  • E. Is there adequate testing staff (proctors) given the number of candidates (i.e. one proctor for every 30-35 candidates)?
  • F. Is the testing staff trained in all examination administration procedures, including the process for handling and documenting problems at the test site (emergencies, late candidates, test booklet misprinting, cheating)?
  • G. Have materials and supplies needed for the administration been prepared and delivered to the site(s)?Are materials and supplies kept secure before, during and after the examination?
  • H. Are candidate identities verified with photo identification prior to admission?
  • I. Are candidate rosters assembled for each site, and is a procedure used to ensure that candidates do not select their own seats?
  • J. Are examination booklets and answer sheets distributed to candidates in a secure manner?
  • K. Are candidates given sufficient time to complete the examination?