Virtually all functions of every activity have dramatically changed during the past century.  Global technology has skyrocketed and showered down a myriad of innovations to control, operate, measure and communicate human activities.  From auto repair, to medicine, to information technology, there has been a technological revolution.

Along with these advances have come concerns from the public as to where this technology will lead, and whether those responsible are knowledgeable, skilled and professional in their efforts to protect and preserve our environment, safety and human rights.  To ensure that people are adequately educated and trained, numerous public, private and governmental organizations have established certification, registration and licensure  programs to credential people as being competent of conducting specific job functions.

In an effort to professionally evaluate and unify certification procedures for the public good, ICAB was founded in 2000 and incorporated as a nonprofit member organization.  ICAB is presently based in the Greater Chicago metropolitan area with representatives and affiliates in countries worldwide.