Section 11.1.  Power of Board of Regents To Create.

ICAB shall have such standing and ad hoc committees, councils, sections and networks as the Board of Regents shall create.  They shall have such names, duties, lengths of duration, number of members, chairpersons, terms of members and chairpersons, classes of members and manner of appointment and eligibility for reappointment as the Board of Regents shall determine.

Section 11.2.  Credentials Committee.

Unless the Board of Regents decides to directly act without such a committee, there shall be a Credentials Committee whose duties shall be to evaluate and to approve or to reject applications for ICAB membership; provided, however, that the Board of Regents always shall have power to review decisions of this committee and to make contrary decisions.  Any applications as to which the Credentials Committee cannot reach a decision shall be decided by the Board of Regents or a committee thereof.  The Board of Regents shall have authority to retain the services of a professional psychometrician.

The Credentials Committee shall be appointed by the President and shall consist of the Chair and four (4) representatives of Member Organizations. The Committee shall:

(A)    Subject to review by the Board of Regents, review applications for ICAB membership as provided in these Bylaws.

(B)    Review and evaluate certification programs submitted for accreditation and make recommendations to the Board of Regents regarding the program
compliance with ICAB accreditation requirements.  The committee recommendation shall include an analysis of whether ICAB accreditation requirements have been met.

Section 11.3.  Nominations Committee.
(A)    There shall be a Nominations Committee consisting of two members of the Board of Regents selected by the Board of Regents, and one representative from each Member Organization; provided, however, that there shall not be more than three such Member Organization representatives.  The President shall appoint such Member Organization representatives.  All committee members shall serve for a one year term and shall be eligible for reappointment only once.  Annually, the Committee shall elect a Chair to serve for one year and who shall not be eligible for re-election.

(B)    Any Member Organization in good standing may submit recommendations for nominees to the Nominations Committee.

(C)    At least 120 days prior to the Annual Meeting, the Nominations Committee shall propose nominees for the following elective offices:

·        President (who shall automatically be the preceding President-Elect);
·        President-Elect;
·        Secretary (who shall automatically be the Executive Vice President);
·        Treasurer;
·        such Regents-at-Large as the Board of Regents shall have created;
·        any other offices to be filled by election of the Board of Regents;
·        any other offices to be filled by election of the Member Organizations;
·        such other elective officers as the Board of Regents may designate in accordance with these Bylaws.

The Committee shall then submit its slate of nominees to the Secretary at least 70 days prior to the Member Organizations Annual Meeting.

(D)   The names of the nominees proposed by the Nominations Committee shall be published in the official ICAB publications at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Member Organizations, or if there is no such official publication, mailed to each Member Organization at its address as shown on ICAB records .