Section 9.1.   Appointment and Contract.

The Board of Regents shall appoint an Executive Vice President who shall hold office pursuant to a contract with ICAB.  The Executive Vice President shall receive a salary to be agreed upon with the Board of Regents or with the Executive Committee (if an Executive Committee has been created) and pursuant to the terms of a contract to be negotiated between them. The Executive Vice President shall serve for a term not to exceed ten years; provided, however, that the Board of Regents, without limitation, shall have the right to enter into successive written contracts for terms not to exceed five years each or to renew the same contract with the same Executive Vice President for additional terms not to exceed five years each.

Section 9.2.   Duties.

The Executive Vice President shall be ICAB's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and shall have the responsibilities and duties attendant to such position, including but not limited to directing all ICAB administrative functions; which shall include but not be limited to the employment, determination of amount of salary or compensation, assignment of duties, determination of titles and termination of all employees, consultants, attorneys, and agents and vendors; all administrative financial matters; and such other duties as maybe assigned from time to time by the Board of Regents which are not inconsistent with the Executive Vice President's contract.

Section 9.3.   Contracts.

With the exception of contracts which Illinois law or these Bylaws or the Board of Regents require to be executed by another officer or agent of ICAB, the Executive Vice President shall have the authority to sign all contracts relating to the operation of ICAB.