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How I became a cam girl in 2020

My name is Agnes but my friends call me Argie. I come from a small town called Gilgil in Kenya. I graduated from university in the year 2017 and I was lucky enough to immediately get a job in bank as Teller. I loved my job and lived from paycheck to paycheck, my salary alone whoever could not sustain the good lifestyle I love living and so I got a part time job in a night club as a dancer and sometimes I got a one-night stands with the rich men from the night club who just wanted to have a good time, in return they paid me a lot of money just to entertain them more in their rooms and have sex. I enjoyed my life and I was able to buy everything I ever wanted, I rented an expensive apartment and fully furnished with everything expensive, I bought a nice car and everyone at work envied me because they wondered how could manage to live so well with the salary we were paid at the bank. No one knew what I did after work and on the weekends and because I went to club in another nearby town, that way my side hustle remained a secret to my family, friends and workmates.

Everything was so good for me until 2020 when pandemic hit my country. In a few weeks after the first case was confirmed in the country, the government started imposing strict measures. Unfortunately, night clubs and bars were banned to operate and the dusk to dawn curfew was imposed. That meant I had to come straight home from to work and on weekends I was forced to just stay at home. I started straining financially because I was not able to work at the night club since it was closed and I could not get escorts who would normally pay me for sex. Later in the year, the bank also started experience the effects of the pandemic and they planned to lay off some of the workers since the business was really down. Unfortunately, I was among the workers who were considered to be laid off, I received a notice letter and it was my last moth to work for the bank. This left me heart broken because I really loved my Teller job.

After a few days of staying at home with nothing to do besides watching tv. I started looking for my old school friends on social media, most of them we had not reconnected for such a longtime and because I didn’t want a lot of people in my circle, I never bothered to find out what they were up to. One Saturday evening I received a message on Facebook messenger, it was my childhood friend Ann. We had not spoken for so many years and so we had a lot talk about. It was then when she told how she makes a lot money online as a cam girl. I told her my story and she advised how could also become a cam girl. First, she introduced me to her boss, he took me through training and within a week I was ready to start working. In a few weeks I was getting really good payments compared to what I was making both at the bank and at the night club. Since I was not new to the field there was nothing that I couldn’t do, I was used to having sex with strangers only that this time I was doing it online. I did all the available roles that is chat, voice calls and video calls. I really loved this job because I didn’t have to leave my house to make money, I only needed to be which I was already was, doing phone sex was not so new to me only that I didn’t know it could earn me money. The clients I got were really nice and they helped cope especially for videos at first, I was not so comfortable doing everything they wanted to see ne do but I found some clients really good and they helped me learn everything I needed to do to keep them entertained and sexually satisfied. Within a month I was an expert and some clients called and specifically asked for me. Today I make a lot of money as a cam girl much more than I ever thought I would be able to make and I have also come to love this job so much that I would not want to work anywhere else. Every day I meet new people and I learn new skills all the time, I also love it that I get my needs met as I meet those of my clients. I no longer even bother looking for guys to fuck me, I stay at home and I get satisfied just there on my sofa or on my bed. Below am going to discuss some of the ways that can help you become a successful cam girl.

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How to become a cam girl

First you need to have good gadgets.

You need a good phone with a good camera especially if you’re going to be doing videos. A laptop is also important especially for video calls because its able to capture wider area compared to phone and you can place it a bit far away so that you can have all the space you need to move around in your bed or sofa and not worry about your partner missing any juicy moment.

Stable internet and power connection.

High speed internet which is uninterrupted is everything when it comes to phone actress. The last thing you want is your internet or power to going off when you’re in the middle of the game, every client hates something like this. You cannot afford to leave your customer unsatisfied and aroused especially if they were enjoying the session. They will hate you for that and will not want you to entertain them next time. If you live an area with constant power black offs, its good you get power back up to enable you stay online uninterrupted.

Be open Minded.

When it comes phone actress roles you have to be open minded, you must be free to talk everything about sex and be flexible as your client changes the subject you should adopt really quickly. No client will want to be with someone who does not want to somethings. If you’re just shy but willing to learn you find some clients will actually love to show you how they want to be entertained. For video calls you need to learn how to be naked or only wear sexy lingerie Infront of the camera. You must be free to self-masturbate and use sex toys on yourself, bearing in mind your client looking at you to get aroused and become sexually satisfied. You must learn how to use your hands to touch every part of your body with an aim of entertaining someone on the other side of the screen. If you’re doing chat and voice calls alone however you only need to be open minded since your client is not seeing what you’re doing. With chat and voice calls you can do it anywhere provided you have enough privacy to say whatever you need to say.

Choose the role that suits you.

As an aspiring cam girl, you mostly have 3 role choices; phone/voice, video, chat. It is very important you choose the role that fits you, and the one that you will be comfortable doing not forgetting to consider the amount of money that each role pays. Below we’re going to look at the available roles.

Chat actress. For this role you just have to know how to do sexting, confidence is all you need here even if you’re not a pro your client will not realize it, because in most cases you will be flowing in his/her tone. Chat is easy to do and learn especially if you’re a shy person and its your first time to be an online model. I would recommend this role to any new person because it will enable you learn and build your confidence with time. The payment for chat actress is however low compared to phone and video roles.

Voice Actress. For this role you just have to talk on phone with your client, you need to be open minded and be able to flow with any topic your client brings. Practice your phone skills and an active listener. You need to listen actively and also speak when its your turn. You need to know self-pleasuring skills like masturbation, use of sex toys etc. whatever way will make you feel sexy enough to be able to talk all the dirt your client wants to hear. Its not so hard to do because you don’t see the other person face to face and so there’s no need to worry about your looks what you’re wearing. All you need is to be confident with your voice and imagination. This role pays better than chat but not more than video actress. Its good for girls who are not so confident with their body shapes and their facial appearance.

Video Actress. This role is for experienced and confident online models. For this role you may need a laptop too to make great video calls and interrupted. You need to be confident about how you look before take this role. If there some parts of your body that you’re not willing tom show on camera then this role may not be for you. You need to know some sexy dance moves, some twerking etc. also you need to have several sexy lingerie that will make you look more attractive to your client. When you’re on video you may need to do what you’re saying for your client’s satisfaction, you need to equip yourself with some sex toys, be good at self-masturbation and any other tricks that will make your client feel entertained. When it comes to payment this is the best paying role. You can make as much as $15 per hour or even more depending on the company you’re working with.

Get clients.

The best way to get clients is to work under a company that hires online models. These companies connect clients and models and so you don’t have to worry about where to find clients when you are working under a company. Its also safe because the company is responsible for the payments and you don’t have to chase clients who refuse to send payments. Some companies will also offer training to equip you with all the necessary skills you may need to make it easier for to connect easily with clients. You will also have your schedule managed and you will know your working hours without much hustle. You can connect with these companies from freelance websites like freelance.com, just look for xxx, anything goes roles and you will find those roles whenever the managers post the cam girl jobs. From there they will connect you with their companies. You also need to be careful because some companies may refuse to pay you after you have worked for them, if you feel you don’t trust them you can ask for some down payment especially for the first few weeks.

Hope this helps you become a great cam girl like me. Remember confidence and being open minded is the key. There’s nothing hard when it comes to being an online model. Even if you’re a virgin you can still become a successful cam girl, be open minded and confident and no one will ever know that you’re a newbie. Goodluck!!